TAS Exhibition

TAS exhibition 2016

On Monday 12 September during the last week of Term 3, the TAS (Technological and Applied Science) Exhibition took place, showcasing the incredible student works created over the past year. TAS encompasses a diverse range of subject opportunities for girls to take part in. These subjects include IB and HSC Design and Technology, Industrial Technology Multimedia, Textiles, Hospitality, Information Software and Technology (IST), and Year 7 and Year 8 Technology. 

The culmination of the students’ and teachers’ hard work over the past year displayed all together in ILC3 was a spectacular sight to behold with thousands of hours of work all within one space. It was wonderful to see all the family and friends who came out to support the students’ accomplishments.

With future career opportunities becoming more STEAM-oriented, the TAS subjects offered at MLC School have a valuable role in shaping the minds of girls to think critically of the world around them and look for innovative solutions and bring them to life through creating things like coffee tables, kimonos, animations and delicious meals. 

– Claire Rogers (Year 12)

TAS Exhibition 2016