Music Awards

Music Awards 2016

From The Principal

Congratulations to all our performers at the Music Awards Concert at the Sydney Town Hall on Wednesday 16 November, and of course to our wonderful music staff without whom none of this could happen.

The talent, enthusiasm and dedication these girls bring to their music was clearly evident. Whether they pursue a career in music or not, their musical studies and involvement will provide a rich foundation for the future. Quite apart from the particular skills acquired during these years, the lessons learnt from working together in the various orchestras, bands and ensembles will be a strong foundation for careers and indeed life.

References for universities now include questions about evidence of participation while at school in co-curricular activities, and whether applicants have worked in teams. This is because whether it is in music, sport or clubs and committees in any domain, they gauge a candidate by whether they can collaborate and have shown interest and commitment in a variety of areas. Marks alone, even brilliant ones, are no longer sufficient to gain entry into some highly sought after courses or in securing that dream job.

So, we encourage all our girls to explore MLC School's rich offerings of co-curricular clubs and committees, find the things that excite you and know that not only will you enrich these years at school, you will make close friendships with other girls who share your interests and store up bonus points for your lives of study and work beyond school.

– Mrs Louise Robert-Smith
MLC School Principal

Music Awards 2016

The 25 Year 4 and Year 5 students in Bella Voce, the Junior Schools’ auditioned choir, were thrilled to be part of the vibrant Music Awards on Wednesday 16 November. They sang ‘When I Close My Eyes’, a beautiful lyrical song about confidence and hope written by Jim Papoulis, a member of the Foundation for Small Voices. Mr Papoulis is dedicated to the belief that music ‘can heal, reveal, challenge, communicate, educate and celebrate, as we journey towards creating a secure global future for our children’. Our song featured Harriet Gohil (Year 4) from Bella Voce playing cello, and staff members Mrs Cecilia Bersee on violin and Ms Ying Ho on piano.

– Mrs Annette McClure
Junior School Music Coordinator

For photos from the Music Awards, please click here.