IB Results 2016

MLC School IB Results 2016

Congratulations Year 12 IB students of 2016

Over one third of the 2016 Year 12 students received their final results today when the International Baccalaureate results were released. Warm congratulations to them all for their commitment and diligence which has produced some excellent outcomes. The students of MLC School have achieved an outstanding result, with 31% of the candidature achieving an ATAR of 99 or over.

MLC School continues to achieve at the highest level internationally in the IB, with the current results marking the 35th time that an MLC School student has achieved a perfect score in the last seven years. 94 students from all over the world achieved a perfect score in the IB, of which 31 came from Australia and of these 6 (20%) came from MLC School.

The average score worldwide for the November IB examinations was 29.21 while the MLC School average was 38.5.

We congratulate the following International Baccalaureate students for their excellent achievements:

Six students achieved a perfect score of 45, placing them among the top academic achievers world-wide. Congratulations to Yu Bai, Jessie Cai, Anjali Cuganesan, Victoria LeeJulia de Sterke and Rebecca Zhong. 

Congratulations also to Federica Lannan, Cherry Liu, Carissa Long, Nicole Moore, and Tess Morrison who narrowly missed this list, achieving scores of 44.

2016 MLC School IB students achieving an ATAR equivalent of 99 and over.

Yu Bai

Jessie Cai

Victoria Chang

Sonali Dewan

Anjali Cuganesan


Amira Hatoum

Rose Kethel

Federica Lannan

Victoria Lee

Cherry Liu

Carissa Long

Nicole Moore

Tess Morrison

Christina Shin

Julia de Sterke

Rebecca Zhong