Dance Showcase – A Night of Mythologia

Dance Showcase 2016, Mythologia

Last Friday 9 September, I had the privilege of being involved in the annual MLC School Dance Showcase. The showcase brought together hundreds of students involved in all styles of dance, to perform beautiful and powerful performances, which surprised and delighted the audience. Students from Year 3 to Year 12 were all involved in the Showcase, performing thoughtful pieces centred around the theme of ‘Mythologia’. From contemporary, to POM gymnastics, to belly dancing, the night displayed just how fantastic the dance program at MLC School is, and how dedicated all the students really are.

The sheer scale of the Showcase was astounding, as performances from the very beginning of 2016 right up until the end of this term were performed with precision and finesse. Audience members were enchanted by the darkness of ‘Medea’, ‘Men of Mythology’, and ‘Call of the Maidens’, to name just a few, and then were intrigued by pieces like ‘Pandora’s Box’ and ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’. The night was full of interesting and diverse performances, where each dance immediately captured the essence of its title and was expertly performed. Closing the night with MLC School’s original Wakakirri competition routine, ‘The Willow Pattern’,  the performance ended on a magical high!

As a crew member behind the scenes, it was fantastic to see the professional commitment to dance shown by all involved, and the immense hard work that was put into the production. I really commend all the performers, crew and teachers on a brilliant showcase for 2016!

– Lotte Beckett (Year 11)
2017 DDE Captain

Dance Showcase 2016, Mythologia