MLC School Year Group Parent Ambassador Guidelines

Role: This is a volunteer role held by one or more parents in each Year group at MLC School.


  • To foster a community spirit and a feeling of belonging for parents and carers in each Year group
  • To provide parents and carers with the opportunity to meet other families in their daughter’s year group
  • To promote effective two-way communication between families and the school
  • To assist the Marketing and Community Relations team with nominated fundraising events

Key responsibilities:

1. Initiate and maintain regular communication with Year group parents:

1.1.  Send out a regular email to the parent group to let them know what is  happening at MLC School and to seek their feedback

1.2.  Provide an opportunity for parents to contact you about proposed events or obtain Year group relevant information

1.3.  Raise parent issues with the P&F and/or Head of Year as appropriate

2. Meet with the Head of Year for your Year group as required to facilitate any parent events and/or extend communication channels to parents.

3. Organise an event(s) during the school year to promote community spirit for your
Year group:

3.1.  Choose a suitable parent/family event for example: Mother and Daughter High Tea, Family Picnic, Parent Cocktail Functions and dinners

3.2.  Nominate the type of event, tentative date, proposed venue and approximate cost to MLC School Community Relations. Please provide at least six weeks notice to ensure the date does not conflict with other events in the school calendar

3.3.  Obtain approval for event and date

3.4.  Organise and hold event

3.5.  Provide event feedback to the P&F

4. Provide organisational assistance to the MLC School Marketing and Community Relations team and the P&F for nominated school-wide P&F fundraising events.

Further details about fundraising events will be provided by the Marketing and Community Relations team and the P&F. Your Year group may be asked to assist with organising an event and encouraging attendance.


Nicole Fung-Coady, Community Relations Liaison Co-ordinator P&F
0434 496 108

Julie Smith, President P&F
0432 103 516

Alison Dunn, Head of Marketing and Community Relations
MLC School