MLC School Foundation

MLC School Foundation

The MLC School Foundation Bequest Program 

Leaving a bequest to MLC School gives you the satisfaction of knowing you have helped ensure MLC School’s future and that all we have consecrated will live on. 

Some benefactors have bequeathed scholarships in their names that give the donor the satisfaction of experiencing resultant changes in education while they are still living. Such a bequest can offer a student the opportunity to study at MLC School that they may not have otherwise enjoyed. It helps if you discuss your intentions with the School before you finalise legal or financial arrangements. While some donors choose to give a bequest anonymously, the School would appreciate talking with you about how your gift will benefit the School. Your plans will be kept completely private and confidential. 

Please call the Principal's Office on 02 8741 3101 for a confidential conversation. 

Leave your Mark – Paver Campaign 

MLC School Foundation has created a wonderful opportunity for you to leave a permanent tribute to your involvement with MLC School, one which you or your daughter can enjoy now and readily find each time you, or she, returns to the School. MLC School Foundation will acknowledge a donation to the Foundation, by engraving a paving brick with your message, to be part of a paving project in the School grounds. Students, alumni, staff, volunteers, parents and our supporters are invited to participate in this campaign. 

The donation levels are very affordable and are tailored to families by offering subsequent pavers at lower donation levels. There are many different ways to express your message. 

To celebrate your part in MLC School’s history and help pave the way to the future, order a paver or two!

For more information, click here or contact Barbara Hoffman on 02 8741 3214 or email

MLC School Foundation Membership

The aim of the MLC School Foundation is to support and assist the School Council by encouraging and fostering the interest and the financial support of the MLC School Family. Membership of Foundation is at several levels and includes very valuable contributions from past students, parents of current and past students, benefactors and friends of the School.

Membership of the Foundation starts from with a gift of $2,000 with pledged payments spread across a four year period to provide added financial flexibility for donors. All donations to the Foundation are gratefully received and acknowledged to the MLC School Family. Donations to the Building and Library Fund are tax deductible and a receipt will be sent for taxation purposes.

View the MLC School Foundation Brochure to better understand how you can help MLC School to achieve its vision for the future and to see the value in continuing the work of those generous donors from previous years who have enabled the current students of MLC to enjoy the wonderful opportunities and facilities provided today.


MLC School Foundation Meeting Dates, 2009

The MLC School Foundation will meet once per term on the following dates during 2009 in the Sutherland Rooms at 6.30pm.  The Foundation is always interested in hearing new ideas and initiatives and these should be addressed, in writing, to the Chairman of Foundation, c/- MLC School prior to the meeting dates.

Term 1
Monday 16 February
Thursday, 19 March
Term 2
Monday, 11 May
Thursday, 18 June
Term 3
Monday, 10 August
Thursday, 10 September
Term 4
Monday, 5 November
Monday, 30 November