Uniforms and Equipment

The Summer Uniform 

The summer uniform at MLC School for students from Kindergarten to Year 9 is a light easy care poly-cotton wedgwood coloured blue dress with a dropped waist and pleats back and front. A fine pinstripe runs through the fabric with navy blue trim on the cuffs of the short sleeves and collar.

Short navy socks and black regulation school shoes are worn in summer.

The Winter Uniform

The winter uniform for Kindergarten to Year 9 students has retained the traditional uniform of MLC School with a deep navy box pleat pinstriped woollen tunic over a wedgwood blue shirt. Students wear a tie and belt at the waist.

Long navy socks or black tights and black regulation school shoes are worn in winter.

The Senior School Uniform

Our Senior School students in Year 10 to Year 12 wear a straight A-line skirt in the traditional MLC School uniform fabric of deep navy pinstriped wool. There are three pleats in the front.

For summer a short-sleeved fitted poly-cotton shirt with a loop and button collar is worn. In winter the same shirt comes with long sleeves.

Short navy or long navy socks and black regulation school shoes are worn in the summer terms. Long navy socks or black tights and black regulation school shoes are worn in the winter terms. Black sheer stockings are worn on formal occasions such as Speech Night.

Pre-Kindergarten Uniform

We have devised a practical and attractive uniform for Pre-Kindergarten students to wear. Importantly, nearly all the uniform will be worn again as your daughter moves into Kindergarten.

The School Blazer

All students at MLC School must own the School Blazer. The Blazer is a deep navy pinstriped lined woollen jacket with two front pockets and the school crest in gold. As students earn pocket recognition for achievements in Senior and Middle Years these are embroidered on the front panels. The Blazer must be worn on all formal occasions and covers or takes the place of the jumper when travelling to and from school.

The School Hat

All students from Kindergarten to Year 5 at MLC School must own the School Hat. The School Hat is optional for students in Year 6 to Year 12. The School Hat for both winter and summer is a navy blue straw panama with a ribbon band and school crest. It is worn everyday to and from school and on some formal occasions and excursions.

Other Items

There are many other items of uniform that the students may choose to purchase such as the school jumper, scarf and hair accessories. As well as cardigan and vest for Senior School.

The Sports Uniform

The MLC School sports uniform combines the wedgwood blue and navy blue of the school's colours in a number of combinations depending on the sport your daughter plays. The standard uniform for PE lessons is a wedgwood blue polo shirt with navy and gold trim and the navy shorts. White MLC School socks and training shoes are worn to PE.

All Junior School students are required to wear the standard sports uniform when representing their school at Saturday sport or during PDHPE lessons. Middle and Senior Years students have the option of wearing the PDHPE shirt with shorts for PDHPE lessons. However students must wear the correct sports specific uniform for each sport at both training and competition. Please refer to the individual sport pages of the MLC School Community website for uniform details.

An MLC School tracksuit is available and is required if the students are to represent MLC School at Saturday or any inter-school sport. It is certainly necessary during winter months of sport.

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