Year 8 – City Experience

The middle teen years are when our girls are establishing their identity, learning about themselves, their peers and their community. It is a time when they discover what they like, their skills and talents, the interests and hobbies that they wish to pursue and the strengthening of their friendship groups.

In helping them make this a broader consideration than just a “me” identity, MLC School girls undertake the City Experience. We know that learning can take place anytime and anywhere and so our Year 8 students spend three weeks in the City of Sydney understanding what makes a Sydney urban dweller. The learning task asks the girls to respond to the ‘big question’ – Do we shape our environment or does our environment shape us? 


Elaine in Year 9 recalls: The City Experience was an open gateway for us to learn in a new environment. Every day, hour, minute and second in the city, we unlocked many secrets and things that any average girl wouldn’t know! Our knowledge expanded to amazing lengths!

Both the city and outback experiences help our girls to discover just how resourceful they can be away from school and home…

'The City Experience let us have a taste of what working and living in the city is like. We learnt how to adapt to a new environment in just a few days. Having a wide range of choices in our work, we had the privilege of taking charge. We chose what we wanted to do, where we wanted to go and how we wanted to get there!'