Young minds are full of ideas, questions and theories about the world. The Pre-Kindergarten program is shaped by our belief that young children are capable, rich learners, well positioned to acquire early literacy and numeracy concepts and skills in a supported environment. Through in-depth exploration of topics, Pre-Kindergarten students enjoy the benefits of starting their formal school journey in our stimulating Pre-Kindergarten spaces, purpose built within our state of the art Junior School.

In addition to working closely with our well-qualified early childhood teachers, Pre-Kindergarten students will have the advantage of learning from MLC School specialist teachers in areas such as Visual Arts, Drama and Dance, Library, PE, Music and Mandarin.

Importantly, the transition to Kindergarten from Pre-Kindergarten is smooth as teachers and parents work together to understand the needs of each student. For the students, the familiarity of the Junior School learning environment creates a sense of confidence.

Students entering the school at Pre-Kindergarten are expected to continue their education at MLC School and as such, enrolment into Kindergarten happens automatically.


Inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, our Pre-Kindergarten program is stimulating and innovative, capturing the joy of discovery. The exploration of ideas stems from the interests of the students. Through inquiry based and developmental play, children are encouraged to use many different languages (modes of expression or communication) to deepen their understanding of the world. Children are viewed as competent, rich and strong. The Pre-Kindergarten studio lends itself to a celebration of the process of learning through display and the documentation of thinking.


The Junior School learning programs are characterised by their depth, rigour, flexibility and focus on the connections between learning areas. In Pre-Kindergarten, teachers focus on the development of communication, early numeracy and literacy skills, and the exploration of scientific concepts. Developing social skills is also viewed as fundamental. Specialist teachers from MLC School’s talented pool of staff work with students in the areas of PE, Sport, Visual Arts, Drama and Dance, Music, Languages and Library.

Structure of the Day

After signing your daughter into Pre-Kindergarten each day, she will experience a myriad of wonderful learning opportunities. While each day promises to be different, set structures give a familiarity and sense of belonging to each girl. The program is designed to ensure that girls attending both the three and five day program have the same specialist program opportunities.

Enrolment Information

Pre-Kindergarten is open to girls in the year before they start formal schooling. Parents may select a three or five day program. Approximately 24 months prior to your daughter's entry you will be invited to attend an interview at MLC School. Once a place has been offered, all other conditions and procedures of enrolment apply. Further details can be found in the MLC School prospectus.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is her day? What are the start and finish times?

Pre-Kindergarten operates between the hours of 9am and 2.40pm during school term time. Before and After School Care is available for Pre-Kindergarten girls.

  • How old does she need to be to enter Pre-K?

Pre-Kindergarten is a specific program for girls in preparation for their form schooling. Girls need to turn four years of age by 31 May in the year of Pre-Kindergarten.

  • What does she wear? Is it a uniform?

The Pre-Kindergarten girls wear the following uniform:

Summer – MLC School PE short-sleeved polo shirt, MLC School cullotes, MLC School floppy hat, MLC School white socks and predominately white sport shoes.

Winter – MLC School PE tracksuit, ie. pants and jacket, MLC School PE long-sleeved polo shirt, MLC School floppy hat, MLC School white socks and predominately white sport shoes.

  • What if I need before and after school care?

Before and After School Care, run by UnitingCare Children’s Services (UCCS) provides a planned program of play and leisure activities suited to MLC Junior School students.

Programs are designed to contribute to the children’s ongoing development and wellbeing and include opportunities for positive peer relationships, physical activity, building life skills and a positive sense of identity.

  • How many staff are there per student? How many students?

Our staff-student ratio is in line with staffing levels at other prep-schools and Pre-Kindergarten schools. As a minimum, each class will be staffed by an Early Childhood teacher and a qualified classroom assistant.

  • Where will she play in a normal school playground? Are there spaces?

Girls in Pre-Kindergarten have access to their very own outdoor play area, flowing directly from their indoor learning area. Sometimes, break times will allow Pre-Kindergarten students to play with Kindergarten students. Pre-Kindergarten will use the larger outdoor landscaped areas for learning when appropriate.

Pre-Kindergarten Fees at MLC School

View the full schedule of MLC School fees on the Tuition Fees page.