Our Environment

At MLC School, we acknowledge the architecture of a school, including its flexibility of design, interiors, connection and approach to exteriors and landscape all play a significant role in achieving learning environments which encourage and enhance relationships between children, teachers, parents and their surroundings.

The inspired design of the Junior School building utilises the relationships between space, colour and light to create wonderful places that encourage children to develop their full range of senses and experiences, to nurture their intellectual and creative development, and to capture the young, playful and imaginative world of the inquisitive and powerful early learner.

The MLC Junior School offers opportunities for recreation by large groups in a busy stimulating environment; opportunities for individual learning in quiet contemplative environments; opportunities for instant communication both locally and globally; opportunities for building relationships between learners, mentors, practitioners and researchers.

Designed to meet the needs of 21st century learners, the building enables us to connect students and teachers in new ways and to collaborate more often.

The Junior School is stimulating and welcoming. We invite you to find out more about MLC School's opportunities for your daughter's future.

See the school in action. We invite you and your daughter to attend one of the many school tours that are held during term time. Be guided by our staff and students as they share their
MLC School experiences. Book a tour today.

Flexible Learning Spaces

Different types of learning need different spaces. Each level of the building offers alternative areas for students to learn both individually and with others.

Learning Studios

The main learning spaces for each year group are called learning studios. They replace classrooms, emphasising space, light and access to technology with flexible furniture and fittings.

Small Group Areas

These multiple spaces give more options for teaching and learning. They are spaces that allow for teamwork, encouraging the exchange of ideas, as quiet thinking spaces, or as withdrawal areas for specialist instruction. 

Wet Areas

Whether it's Science experiments or designing ceramics, when its time for sleeves up, creativity can be messy. Wet areas are durable dedicated spaces that encourage experimentation without physical constraints. 

A Place for Community Gathering

Daphne Line Hall provides three large light-filled open spaces, one indoor and two outdoor terraces, providing a perfect place for large groups to meet in flexible configurations. Various combinations of groups assemble here including the whole Junior School. Year groups come together and then divide into small groups; learning celebrations can be shared and displayed; instrumental and choral music, drama, dance and other physical activities are accommodated including performances and presentations. School assemblies are held here as well. The MLC School community of parents and teachers can use this space for information sessions, forums, social events, gatherings and meetings.

Outdoor Learning and Play Spaces

Designed to include aesthetic gardens and trees, soft as well as durable surfaces, grass and multi-level timber terraces, in configurations that allow open space for active play as well as ledges and benches for the times when children sit and relax with friends.

The Piazza

Providing a place for students and parents to mingle at the start and end of each day. This open air but protected space then flows directly onto the play areas and terraces. The Junior School canteen is located here and is open from 8am for coffee, breakfast and the ordering of school lunches.

Kiss and Drop

Parents drop off and pick up their daughters in the MLC School car park entering from Britannia Avenue. With help from staff, happy farewells and greetings happen undercover, at the car and journeys are unbroken.

A Safe and Secure Environment

The Junior School is a safe and secure building, easily accesible during drop off and pick up times through the Kiss and Drop area in the carpark. At other points during the day, entry to the school is limited and can only be made via the Junior School front office situated on Park Road.

Environmentally Friendly

Gardens encourage wildlife and the plantings have been specially chosen to encourage native bird and insect life. Tinkling water features have also been incorporated using grey water runoff. While the building's air-conditioned cross ventilation and a north facing aspect allow for natural climate as the preferred option.