Each season we continue to build a cohesive, enjoyable rowing program for all. We strive to maintain a competitive squad with integrated standards at school and club level competition.

MLC School Rowing provides students with the opportunity to become respectful of the values and disciplines of teamwork as well as nurture a desire to excel and consistently produce their best effort.

The squad has a unified goal of growth and continued improvement in all ages. At all levels, the objective is to develop technical skills and gain the appropriate levels of strength and endurance required to be successful in Rowing. We emphasise team engagement, students enjoying themselves, as well as the importance of learning how to win with modesty and be gracious in defeat.

As in previous seasons of Rowing at MLC School, the focus will remain that Rowing is a team sport and crews will be trained and raced leading into the Head of the River, with many opportunities throughout the season to race in smaller boats. 

Squad Structure

  • Year 6 to Year 7 Learn to Row and Coxswains
  • Year 8 (Junior) Rowers graduating Year 8 in 2017 – Race 1000m
  • Year 9 (Junior) Rowers graduating Year 9 in 2017 – Race 1000m
  • Year 10 (Intermediate) All rowers graduating Year 10 in 2017 – Race 1500m
  • Year 11/12 (Senior) All rowers graduating Year 11 or 12 in 2017 – Race 2000m

Each of these racing divisions has an objective best suited to their abilities.

There is no restriction racing girls up an age category with the aim of developing girls to be their best.

Further Information

For further information on MLC School Rowing, please contact Head of Rowing Kathleen Hextell.