Round Square

Round Square is a worldwide association of schools sharing unique and ambitious goals.

'There is more in you than you think'
Kurt Hahn

Round Square is a worldwide association of over 150 schools in 40 countries – of which MLC School is an international member – who share unique and ambitious goals.

The Round Square approach does not focus on what is taught but rather how learning takes place. It recognises that learning is most effective when it is practical, cross-cultural and collaborative, and when it is infused through a broad spectrum of inter, extra and co-curricular activities.

In order to prepare for adult life, young people must be encouraged to discover and embrace the similarities and differences between cultures and nationalities in ways that promote meaningful and lasting understanding, acceptance and respect. This is done through exploration and application of the IDEALS:


The IDEALS are the pillars of Round Square and are a key focus within the MLC School Ethos.

Programs initiated by Round Square help institutionally and culturally different, but like-minded, schools to work together through service projects, annual conferences, exchanges and outdoor expeditions.

Round Square Co-Curricular Opportunities

Contribute at School Level

Once a week, a Round Square “Baraza” (a Swahili word meaning public/community meeting), is held, led by a leadership team formed of girls from the Senior Years. At these meetings the students discuss and work on projects that address one or more of the six Round Square pillars, including Rainbow Week, a student-led celebration of international diversity run in partnership with the Student Representative Council.

'What I find wonderful about Round Square: It's student led initiatives that can help the wider school community.' Keertana Avalur, Year 12

Actively Participate in a Round Square Conference

Each year, Round Square schools send delegations of representatives to an international conference held at a member school. Discussions, related to the theme of the conference, examine topics of importance to the member schools and the world. Friendships are made through activities, expeditions and events organised by the host school. Visitors are introduced, not only to the host school, but also to its country, culture and environment. 

Elect to go on an Exchange to Snother Round Square School 

MLC School students can also participate in Round Square international exchange opportunities to Germany, Canada, USA, France, UK and in reciprocation we host students from all these nations.

Get Involved!

On arrival to MLC School you are automatically a Round Square Student. If you would like to participate in any of the opportunities provided by Round Square or find out more please visit our Monday lunch sessions in the retreat or contact Ms Caitlin White or Mrs Lynn Calluaud.