Musical instruments

MLC School offers instrumental music lessons in over 20 instruments to both current MLC School students and external students. Lessons are conducted by fully qualified, professional musicians.

Students learning an instrument through the Music Department of MLC School set off on a pathway to acquire skills which will enrich their lives and take part in a stimulating environment of quality music making.

Learning an Instrument at MLC School

Students electing to have private music lessons are committing to the full year of tuition (ie. up until the end of Term 4). Should a student withdraw from private music lessons, the balance of the year’s tuition fees must be paid. Changes to a student’s tuition must be approved in advance by the Director of Music.


MLC School has a system of internal assessment for private music tuition. This involves a composite evaluation of individual performance, group activities, ensemble attendance and studio concerts. Students are given reports on their progress at the end of each semester. External examinations may only be undertaken provided that the School’s assessment requirements have been satisfied. This assessment is made in consultation with the instrumental teacher and their Head of Department. External examinations are only an option for intermediate to high level students.


Performance is integral to the music lesson program. Students must satisfy the participation requirements in terms of Instrumental Evenings, Studio Concerts, Graduation Concerts and involvement in school ensembles.


Students learning an instrument or singing at MLC School music participate in at least one school ensemble or choir, upon reaching the required standard. These ensembles include Orchestra, Sinfonietta, Concert Band, individual instrumental ensembles and Choir.

Practice Commitment

Private music tuition is a serious commitment and requires an undertaking on the part of the student to carry out all practice tasks set by the teacher and to attend lessons and associated activities.

Practicalities for Lessons and Instruments 

Private music tuition is given on the basis of 32 lessons per year, or the equivalent of 8 lessons per term.

Students are assigned to a teacher by the Head of Strings, Keyboard Co-ordinator or Head of Woodwind, Brass and Percussion. It is recommended that parents liaise with the student’s teacher to ensure that clear lines of communication are established to inform the teacher about any absences for excursions, exams or sickness.

If you need to cancel a lesson, 48 hours notice must be given. Please note that lessons missed without prior notification may not be made up by the teacher. This includes lessons missed due to equipment/instruments being forgotten.

Extra lessons can be given (and are charged separately) after the 32 designated lessons have been given.

Lesson Times

Music lessons are timetabled on a rotation basis for MLC School students minimising time away from any one subject. Senior students in Year 11 and Year 12 have fixed lessons in spare periods.

Instrument Hire

It is recommended that each student has their own instrument. There are a limited number of instruments for hire from MLC School. These are available for a maximum of one year. Any loss or damage of school instruments must be borne by the parents. Instrument accessories (and the replacement of them) ie reeds, strings etc are the responsibility of the student.

If you wish to hire an instrument, please discuss the availability of an instrument with Head of Strings, Dr Joanna Drimatis on 02 8741 3123.

The cost of hiring an instrument is $80 per term. Payment for the first term of hire must be made online by credit card, after which MLC School students can elect for the hire fee to be charged to the school fees account.

Fee Payments

The full yearly tuition fee is divided into four payments and music be paid in advance at the beginning of each term. The first term’s fees must be paid online by credit card. Students attending MLC School can elect to have their fees for Terms 2, 3 and 4 charged to the School fees account. Use the links below to view current fee structure and to book and make payment.

External students (non MLC School students) pay an additional 10% (GST). Payment is made by credit card or direct debit at the beginning of each term.

For more information

Contact the MLC School Music department via email or on 02 8741 3123.

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