Speech and Drama

Speech and Drama

Our Speech and Drama co-curricular programs are dedicated to creating rich artistic experiences and aim to provide the opportunity to extend creative talents, intellectual abilities, people skills in a fun and nurturing environment. Programs cater for students of all ages, from Pre-K through to Year 12.

What’s on offer?

MLC School students, their families and members of the local community, including other schools, can take part in:

  • Speech and Drama lessons for students Pre-K to Year 12: For any student who wishes to develop their skills in this area (these students will have the opportunity to take Trinity College of London and/or ASCA (Australian Speech Communication Association) examinations). Lessons are available on an individual, duo, trio or group basis. Programs can focus on public speaking and can be tailored for ESL students.
  • Diplomas in performance and teaching: For gifted and talented students in the senior years who want to stretch themselves further (also accredited by Trinity College)
  • Courses in effective communication skills
  • Ensembles for performance, production, musical theatre and ESL
  • Holiday productions, workshops and masterclasses. 

All courses provide students with an opportunity to discover and develop their own artistic, communication and social abilities through an imaginative and creative process

The co-curricular speech and drama programs at MLC School are delivered by external specialist tutors who work as actors, directors and corporate professional development trainers. They come from diverse backgrounds, everywhere from the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) and Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) to established and well-known corporations such as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Bell Shakespeare and Sport for Jove.

The programs are managed by two experienced and well-respected providers: The Speech & Drama Studio and the Acting and Communication Academy. The Speech & Drama Studio delivers private tuition for MLC School students and holiday productions, and the Acting and Communication Academy delivers private tuition for external students, Effective Communication courses, the ATCL Diploma program and various other ensembles and groups which includes both MLC School and external students


For further information on the co-curricular Speech and Drama programs, including enrolment information and fee structure, visit the Community website or contact our providers directly by phone on 02 8741 3206, or email: 

  • Monica Brian, Director of the Speech and Drama Studio, Pre-K to Pre-diploma
  • Kayte Borg, Head of Pre-diploma, Diploma, Ensemble, Masterclasses, Productions, Holiday and community programs.

Speech and Drama Studio Enrolment Form

Acting & Communication Academy Online Enrolment Form

Acting and Communication Academy

The Acting and Communication Academy is also a specialist in providing performing arts and effective communication training for students of all ages. It is owned and run by Director Kayte Lewis Borg, a professional with over 25 years experience in the creative industries as an actor, director, talent agent and industry lawyer.

The Acting and Communication Academy focuses on giving students a personal edge by encouraging confidence in each student’s unique abilities and qualities that set them apart from the rest.

Activities delivered are listed below.

1. Speech and Drama Tuition for Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 for External Students
The Acting and Communication Academy extends specialist training to the broader community in all areas of speech and drama, effective communication and performance. The diverse Speech and Drama programs encompass a broad range of performance skills, developing vocal and physical skills, creativity, spontaneity and self-expression through individual and ensemble classes for all ages. Our specialist programs at MLC School are open to external students on application, and tuition is available before and after school. Times are available on request and subject to availability. 

2. Pre-Diploma Course (Year 9+)
This program provides an opportunity for those students who have already identified a passion and aptitude for performing arts and performance. The pre-Diploma program offers students the opportunity to participate and pursue their passion for acting, drama and or speaking at a deeper level and starting on the ‘fast track’ to completing Diplomas in the Senior Years.

By enrolling in the pre-Diploma program students are able to start work on the material needed to complete a diploma, participate in extension activities and professional development workshops and keep options open to continue into the Diploma. Student’s enrolled in the pre-Diploma course continue (or begin) through the intermediate Trinity College of London grades and have access to participation in other Diploma level course activities.

3. Diplomas in Performance and Teaching (Year 10+)
For those with professional aspirations in performing, teaching, business or the professions, Diplomas and professional qualifications equip students with practical skills to ensure success. The Trinity College London Diploma is an internationally recognised qualification and is available across a variety of areas including: Performing Speech and Drama, Performance Arts, Communication Skills (Public Speaking) and Musical Theatre, and/or an ATCL Teaching Diploma in one of these areas.

There are core areas that must be covered by all Diploma candidates and so the program stretches over two years and involves the following components: a weekly class, weekly seminars and a total of 16 professional development master classes and observations. 

4. Effective Communication Courses
Being an effective communicator is like having the x-factor. To be heard, to be understood and to be appreciated whether English is your second language or your first, to improve your vocal quality, persuasive speaking and speaking with intent and authority are valuable skills. Effective communication at Acting and Communication Academy offers a structured and creative approach to presentation and performance. We encourage creativity through effective communication whilst educating students on the frameworks of great presentations.

We work closely with students to develop skills in all areas of communication from public speaking to speech writing and presenting, debating and more. We run classes from initial to professional levels. For advanced students there is the option to complete the course and be awarded a Professional Certificate in Communication Skills.

5. Ensembles and Groups
Ensemble classes provide a great opportunity for students to build their confidence and have fun with a group of like-minded students and make friends across different age groups and skill sets.

  • Performance Ensemble: Explore all the aspects required to reach a performance standard. Students work together to learn team work, stage crafts, develop vocal and movement skills, characterisation and grow in confidence. Please enquire for the details of the group that best suits your childs’ needs.
  • Debating and Public Speaking: Enjoy heated debates and prepare group and individual presentations. The ensemble atmosphere provides weekly opportunity for performance and valuable feedback. Students learn individual and group presentations skills, valuable throughout school life and into the future.
  • Musical Theatre: act, dance and sing! These classes are great for students who enjoy the challenge of combining song, dance and drama and creating fun and entertaining performances.
  • Production Company – Artist in Residence Program: The Acting and Communication Academy puts on an average of two productions per year with industry professional directors. Production Company is run on a project basis; students can choose to participate on a project by project basis and it is open to non MLC School students. Previous productions include: I am not a Feminist, various Shakespearean productions, and So Much to Tell You. We explore a mix of traditional and experimental theatre styles.

6. Holiday Workshops and Masterclasses
Holiday Workshops are available in a range of fun and exciting activities, in acting, deportment, musical theatre and various aspects of performance from puppeteering to presenting on camera, the art of conversation to exploring Shakespeare, to name a few. Students learn new techniques, meet friends and have fun while learning valuable skills. 

Masterclasses form an integral part of the professional development in the Diploma and Professional Certificate Qualifications. In each session, a number of working professionals from the industry are invited to give the students one of a kind masterclass workshops that explore current and invaluable techniques and practices from the profession. Past names include Bill Pepper – Voice Coach and Accent expert, Billy Millionis – Meisner Technique – The Actors Pulse, Jamelle Wells – ABC News Presenter and communications expert, and many more. 

For further information on the Acting and Communication Academy’s programs contact Director Kayte Borgkborg@mlcsyd.nsw.edu.au

To enrol, visit http://www.actingandcommunication.sydney or contact Manager Lily New: lnew@mlcsyd.nsw.edu.au.