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Swimming Lessons

All new enrolments require a swimming assessment before enrolling. Returning customers who have been absent for two or more terms will also require an assessment before enrolling.

Please contact the MLC School Aquatic Centre front office on 8741 3154 for more information.

We would like to remind all customers that we cannot accommodate teacher requests during the enrolment period.

Important Information

Click on the below link for swimming information:

Information Brochure

Learn to Swim Program

Enrolment Form

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Assessments for current students take place during Week 5–6 of the term program. If the student is going up a level, a progression card will be given and this will be recorded on the student’s file. If you are unsure please speak to the Instructors in Charge (ICs). 

Please note it is difficult to get through all of the assessments and provide individual feedback during these weeks. The ICs will be making notes on individual feedback and will be happy to discuss this with parents in Week 8.  

Before the corresponding date, bring the re-enrolment form to the swim school office. 

Re-enrolment forms will be processed if correct payment details are provided. Enrolments can also be made in person or by telephone. Bookings will be processed on the enrolment date and a receipt will be issued as confirmation. The receipt will outline the start date, term dates, day, time and level, please check all details are correct.

Same Time, Day and Level 

Re-enrolments for the same class (same time, day and level) are given one week priority over other bookings. This occurs during Week 7. 

Change Day, Time or Level 

If changes are required for a current booking (time, day or level), re-enrolment should be made on advised day – contact the swim school office. Please note that forms do not take priority over customers who attend the centre on enrolment dates.  

Important: If a student misses a term, enrolment will be treated as new. Students who have missed more than two terms will need to be reassessed before re-enrolling. 

Policy Information

Make-up Lessons

Up to two make-ups can be provided per child per term, given that 48 hours notice or a medical certificate is provided for absences

Due to high demand, make up lessons cannot be changed once booked and must be completed within the same term.


Please contact the swim school office regarding special circumstances.