2016 HSC and IB Results

HSC 2016 Results

Congratulations Year 12 HSC students of 2016

Over half our Year 12 students received their final results yesterday when the Higher School Certificate results were posted. Warm congratulations to them all for their commitment and diligence which has produced some excellent outcomes. Please note that results for the rest of the cohort, who sat the International Baccalaureate, will be published in early January. We will then have the complete picture of our ranking and the achievements of the Class of 2016.

There were 95 instances of students being awarded Band 6 or E4 (the highest bands possible) while 53% of the cohort achieved a Band 6 in at least one subject. In 22 of the 25 subjects sat by our students the results in Bands 5 and 6 exceeded the state average.

We congratulate the following HSC students for their excellent achievements:

Two students were placed on the HSC All Rounders list, for those who achieve Band 6 in 10 units of studies. Congratulations to Angelique Barrett and Alexandra Zoras. 

Congratulations also to Elizabeth Jo and Ella Beere who narrowly missed this list, with one Band 5 and otherwise Band 6.

Other HSC highlights include:
100% of Music 2 students achieved a Band 6
86% of Music 1 students achieved a Band 6
82% of English Extension 1students achieved a Band 6

71% of Textiles & Design students achieved a Band 6
67% of History Extension students achieved a Band 6
47% of Drama students achieved a Band 6
33% of Mathematics Advanced students achieved a Band 6

The works of Elizabeth JoJamie Oslington and Erika Vuki will be exhibited as part of the ArtExpress showcase of the best visual artists completing the HSC across NSW.

The work of Hayley Cavanagh was selected for inclusion in ENCORE, a concert of outstanding performances and compositions from HSC music students. Congratulations also to Olivia Hill and Louise Wang who were nominated.

The work of Claire Rogers was selected for the SHAPE showcase exhibition of the best work from Industrial Technology/Multimedia HSC students.

The Lighting Design work of Georgia Keogh was selected for presentation at OnStage, a selection of the best works of the 2016 HSC Drama Examination across NSW.

The work of Louise Wang was selected for the Textstyle showcase of the best textile works from HSC students across NSW.

Congratulations to the 43 students who were placed on the HSC Distinguished Achievers list for those who achieved a result in the highest possible Band for one or more courses.

2016 MLC School HSC Distinguished Achievers

Divya Ahlawat

Htet Yamin Aung

Angelique Barrett

Ella Beere

Kiara Bletsas

Alana Braxton-Boal

Hayley Cavanagh

Rebecca Chen

Alicia Davies

Amity Dent

Ella Esposito Doolan

Olivia Hill

Selina Ho

Elizabeth Jo

Hannah Kingsley

Mina Kotoric

Shuyu Lin

Cindy Lo

Imogen Moore

Michelle Nguyen

Ivy Ning

Alexis Norington

Jamie Oslington

Angela Peng

Esther Rizk

Claire Rogers 

Nazla Sajed

Chang Shen

Emily Shum

Elena Sladkova

Isabelle Stackpool

Eliza Stewart

Vivian Szeto

Jasmine Tan

Hope Tzannes

Erika Vuki

Louise Wang

Bonnie Wong

Amelia Xouris

Colleen Zhang

Cindy Zhi

Danielle Zhu

Alexandra Zoras

MLC School IB Results 2016

Congratulations Year 12 IB students of 2016

Over one third of the 2016 Year 12 students received their final results today when the International Baccalaureate results were released. Warm congratulations to them all for their commitment and diligence which has produced some excellent outcomes. The students of MLC School have achieved an outstanding result, with 31% of the candidature achieving an ATAR of 99 or over.

MLC School continues to achieve at the highest level internationally in the IB, with the current results marking the 35th time that an MLC School student has achieved a perfect score in the last seven years. 94 students from all over the world achieved a perfect score in the IB, of which 31 came from Australia and of these 6 (20%) came from MLC School.

The average score worldwide for the November IB examinations was 29.21 while the MLC School average was 38.5.

We congratulate the following International Baccalaureate students for their excellent achievements:

Six students achieved a perfect score of 45, placing them among the top academic achievers world-wide. Congratulations to Yu Bai, Jessie Cai, Anjali Cuganesan, Victoria LeeJulia de Sterke and Rebecca Zhong. 

Congratulations also to Federica Lannan, Cherry Liu, Carissa Long, Nicole Moore, and Tess Morrison who narrowly missed this list, achieving scores of 44.

2016 MLC School IB students achieving an ATAR equivalent of 99 and over.

Yu Bai

Jessie Cai

Victoria Chang

Sonali Dewan

Anjali Cuganesan


Amira Hatoum

Rose Kethel

Federica Lannan

Victoria Lee

Cherry Liu

Carissa Long

Nicole Moore

Tess Morrison

Christina Shin

Julia de Sterke

Rebecca Zhong



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